Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ulasan Akademi Fantasia 7 - konesrt 5-

All right, first of all, i missed the first two performances. Wow....because i was fallen asleep on the seaty. Shit!!!!! I did realized when the clock hanging on the wall showed 9.45 pm. So i went to bathroom and wash my face and made a cup of nescafee. Huh...i am so tired tonight because i went to many places just because to do this and that...bla...bla...bla...So i will do my review tmrw morning about the other two performances.

But before that, i thought Adibah did a great job in judgung the students. The datuk one, oh...very annoyed!!!!!!! Sorry beb!!!! if you all realized she gave all good comments to the students. Ceh!!!!


Qaud and heliza
It was a bit picthy performance. he looks a bit nervous and the interaction with the pathner also very wired. Tidak ada interaksi yang baik. Interaksi terlalu kakuh. Lots need to learn. Heliza also very sumbang. LOL.
Malu dowh!!!!
4/10 (oiam3 level 1/10)

Hafiz and Mila 7/10 (oiam3 level 4/10)
OMG... drama looks very funny. the vocals were very syncronize and match. Some of the lines were flat. The expression and feel were there. The connection was there. very good. Dynamic also very good. Not his best performance but better than last week.

Claudia and vince
The song doesn't show her real capability in singing. The melody of the song is very straight to the point. There is no "wow" part of the song. Claudia was good but a bit week espacially her low notes. But the syncronization with the song and the pathner are very good. level of confidence, the interaction and movement with the audiance were very good. she did not put enough power especially her high notes.
7.5/10 (oiam3 level 4.5/10)

Aishah and Alif
The low notes are very week. Wow..the girl were screaming when Alif touched Aishah. Her flasseto notes not strong enough. The performance with Alif were good though. Especially when so many girls love him. Overall it was all right. Did not really impress me.
Vocal control was okay. 7/10 (oiam3 level 4/10)

Yazid and Yazir
very entertaining and very energetic performance. Vocally, still need to improve too much. What a funny gimic. Overall i give him 5/10 (oiam3 level 2/10)

Aril and Marsha
Vocally very good. Very smooth and husky. The drama is very entertaining. It was very romantic and touching performance from her. Penghayatan and feeling very good. I thought it was best couple and duet tonight. Wow...i like it so much!!!! i give him 8/10 (oiam3 level 5/10)

Sidi dan zahid
Zahid push his vocal too much. Sidi needs to improve his vocal. Some parts of the song a bit pitchy. No feeling and his vocal is very straight to the point and no dynamic on his vocal. I did not hear uniqueness on his vocal and there is no so special on it. I give him 4.5/10 (oiam3 level 1.5/10)

Sidi has been eliminated..and i do not care because he deserves the elimination. LOL!!!! vocal hancus and x sedap langsung.

And my weekly ranking..jeng...jeng...jeng.....heheheh
1. Aril 2. Claudia 3. Aishah 4. Hafiz 5. Yazid 6. Sidi 7. Qaud (I HAVEN'T MAKE MY REVIEW FOR THE TWO FIRST TWO STUDENTS..I MISSED IT..I WILL MAKE IT TMRW..)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree on Adibah part!!
AFundi Adibah!!!!
Edrie is man with few words...or he's better at doing the work and rectify then commenting on it. As for Adibah, she kinda compliment him. Some of the things Edrie said I dont quite Akim's performance, but Adibah managed to explain by asking Akim to resing the verse. We should have Adibah as part of the pengkritik!!!....hehe..

my name is KARL said...

like ur review

my fav are

1. aril
2. isma
3. akim
4. claudia
5. aishah

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