Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pakiring Vs Lima Ribu - Which one is the original?

I was busy searching a Kadus Song on youtube this evening. I don't really remember the title of the song. But something like "Sumandak kisorundung topurak" (gadis berskap putih...begitu kah tuh dalam bahasa melayu? maybe lah!!). Actually i not so sure the title of the song. In fact, the singer also i forgot. At last i managed to found it after i tried and error using few keys such as; sumandak (gadis)+ sorundung (skap)+ topurak(putih) + kadazan songs and some other words. However, before i found the video clip, i managed to found other clips which i think i need to make comparison which one is the original.

Well here are the links.

1.Pakiring by Khominie group from Philippines

2. Lima ribu from Sabah

Just wonder...the melody is almost similar, if i not mistaken 98%. The only different is, Pakiring's tempo is faster and catchy. The lima ribu one is slower. What do you think? which is the original? heheheheh...

By the way...do you know???? here is demographics distribution for sabah.
* Kadazan-Dusun: 17.8%
* Bajau: 13.4%
* Malay: 11.5%
* Murut: 3.3%
* Other bumiputra: 14.6%
* Chinese: 9.6%
* Other non-bumiputra: 4.8%
* Non-Malaysian citizen: 25% >> what the hell?????? nie mesti indonesian and filifino rite??? shit!!! banyak bah tuh...25% beb!!!

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabah


Anonymous said...

both aren't original, corridinho music used this melody way back.

BUTIZA'ON said...

Sabah lima ribu yang original sia rasa .. sebab kan semua tau pilak ramai di Sabah jadi mereka yang ciplak .. itu my 2 sen opinion hehe

C.Alv.B said...

Lima ribu song sudah lama...mesti ini yg original

cicak said...

betul lah! dekat2 sama. mana satu yg betul ah?

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