Saturday, 18 April 2009

AF7 konsert 6

I missed the concert tonight. U know why? because i really don't think i have to watch it and I really don't think they are talented. I'm sorry to say but most of them are not very talented. In fact i would say they are "saki baki" of OIAM 3. However, some of them are quite talented actually. But need to polish more.......anyway...lets go to my comments. For your informantion, my comments are based on what i've watched from youtube. Before that, Qhaud terkeluar. So...who cares???? he should leave at the second or third concert...

Seems like a bit pitchy for me. In fact the early parts of the song really did not work. Banyak bahagian yang sumbang. I like the part dia jatuhkan badan because he was taking a risk menyanyi dengan kepala dibawah. But vocally seems like very week for this kind of song. I really don't think his voice is suit enough for this kind of music. 5/ 10

Banyak part yang suara hafiz tenggelam and very picthy. Oh....what the heck???? i thought he will rock the stage. Unfortunately, he did not and failed. It was energetic but...vocally...very...very week especially the lower parts of the song. Seems like he tried to pick up at the chorus part but...not really work....poor guy!!!!! Just entertaining but as i said the vocal hancusss....5/10

Oh......Bahagian awal lagu tuh sangat teruk. Especially when he pronounced the word "arora". Langsung tidak bermelodi...huhuhu......banyak flat plak tuh. Chorus part a bit okey and looks entertining. Well, as usual...the vocal still need to improve. The song is rock but his voice wasn't u know what i meant. 4/10

Vocally improve banyak, but i think its too late to improve. But the other side he looks like main syok sendiri. 5/10

Updating....stay tuned!!!


C.Alv.B said...

Lazy to watched for it now...I better watched movie

jeremytuah said...

i will just wait for the grand finale.. concentrate on OIAM..

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