Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The most popular state in Malaysia??? Which State???

Sometimes i asked myself. Which state is the most popular in Malaysia? Even if my friends asked me, i really don't know. Very difficult to say. But what i've done today in the office, i used google hits and trends to check the popularity of each state in Malaysia. Lastly, i made a conclusion (this is based on google result) SABAH IS THE MOST POPULAR STATE IN MALAYSIA. Don't believe it? Of course it is not proven yet!!! but GOOGLE (which is the most
popular search engine in the world) captured data (traffic) around the world, counted them and as a result sabah too far popular compared to the other states. Just look at the pictures below. I made comparisons among states in Malaysia.

sabah (blue), penang (red), sarawak (orange), johor (green)

sabah (blue), pahang (red), selangor (orange), kuala lumpur (green)

sabah (blue), terengganu (red), perak (orange), kelantan (green)

For this one, i used google search engine to trace the number of hits.

Total hits (Summary)

1. Sabah - 50,600,000 (the winner!!! is sabahhhhhhhh...with 50 millions hits!!)
2. Kuala Lumpur- 25,600,000
3. Penang - 12,900,000
4. Selangor - 12,500,000
5. Johor - 12,100,000
6. Perak - 10,200,000
7. Sarawak - 7,520,000
8. Terengganu - 7,440,000
9. Kedah - 6,990,000
10. Melaka-6,490,000
11. Kelantan - 6,490,000
12. Pahang - 5,450,000
13. Perlis - 4,400,000
14. Negeri Sembilan - 3,230,000
15. Labuan - 2,410,000


kuai said...

saya dengan bangganya mengaku Sabahan.... wakakakakaka

Wel^Beiolman said... least my 2nd home no 3 jg..hehe..selepas sabah..

eLSa said...

yeahhh..sabah bah juga...

guong said...

ui..tapi saya try Kuala lumpur hit dia lebih 60 million..
Tapi...tu bukan negeri kan..jadi, Sabah masih paling top.

Bah, limpas dulu...

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