Friday, 24 April 2009

OIAM3 - Top 3 - was really entertaining tonight to see all the top 3 contastents showed their weapons on stage. I can say it was really, really very good!!! I do enjoy all the performances from the contastents. In fact, it was the greatest concert i've ever seen in Malaysia reality TV show. The quality is almost like American Idol. The only down side, was the sound system is not as good as AI's sound system. Maybe they have to work on it next time.

Well, the top 3 concert, Nine has been eliminated and it was really what i've expected in the previous week. Well, i'm sure his fan will be very sad on his elimination. But what to do? he is gone. Anyway guys...lets talk about their performances.

It was energetic and very entertaining performances from him. The good thing about him is he really knows on how to tackle the judges and also the audiances. He knows how to entertain people. Which is very, very important to be a good entertainer. However, he still have to work on his vocal side. The vocal is good but it wasn't great. In fact, in my opinion his vocal is so much and sounds very very regular. What i mean is the vocal is not so unique. However, in the terms of style, energy, personality and appreance he has a complete packege. The only thing is his vocal side which is very, very important as a singer. For example he was very entertaining in the first song but the vocal not as good as before. Overall performances i would like to give him 8.8/10

I really have nothing to say about this girl. I just like and love her so much. It was really a perfect performances from her. I expected she will sang or will get those songs because both of these songs really show her ability in singing and entertaining people. For example in the first song, its really show her vocal side which is very good and she delivered it excellently. The second song shows her ability in entertaining people. It was really fun and very very entertaining. Even though the enegry not as good as the two guys but vocally, she really delivered it successfully!!!! Overall perfoamnces i would like to give her 9/10

Well, i would expect Amylea in the top 3. But no doubt at all Aweera also deserve it. I just like the way his singing especially when he hit the very..very high notes. It was really incredible. For me it was unique though. Even though sometimes sounds like screeming but tonight it wasn't screaming. It was really a wonderfull. He looks like a star and in the terms of package he has it. However i am worried his vocal range because seems like he only has upper side of vocal range. Seems like he can't sing a song if most of the notes are lower. To be a professional singer, dynamic is very very important. Without dynamic...people will get bored easily. Anyway....he looks condifent as well tonight and it was really good for him. Overall performances i would like to give him 8.5/10

Anyway...what do you think about the new OIAM's strategy? Do you think 2 or 3 contastents should go to final? mmmm..personally i prefer only two and each of them must sing 3 songs. Hehehehe....

Mmmmm...i gotta go now to watch American Idol elimination. I know i'm late already....bubye.....catch later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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