Friday, 10 April 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 5 - full updated

Wow...elimination will be very soon. Malaysian will be get so excited to watch the most expensive reality TV show in Malaysia. usual i put OIAM 3 as one of the most important events in my Diary *LOL*!!!!! In fact, i went off earlier this evening. Other than i do not want to miss the show, also because i wanted to avoid the traffic. As usual, traffic in Penang is so bad especially on Friday. If you off about 6 o'clock..For God sake!!! you will be trap in the middle of the traffic. Huhuhuhu...thats why usually on friday i will go to the office earlier so i can go out about 5 O'clcok.

The show will begin in less than 30 minutes. I am writing this post just to ready all my comments regarding to the contastents' performances tonight. And also who will be eliminated. I am so excited to watch the concert. But i felt a bit dissappointed when i knew they going to sing Dato' sheila majid. I am not her fan so most of her songs are not my cup of coffee!!! sorry....

Guys...i'm back...heheheeh...lets go straight to my comments. But before that, Simon has been eliminated...i was expecting Nine. But its all right...

Vocally, it was a great performance and also the voice projection also great. But it wasn't amazing...maybe because the song. Even though she modified the song nicely but there is something missing on her performance. The feeling wasn't there and shall i say repetation style???? Well..that is what i felt. Overall i give her 8/10

After Amylea performed, i was expecting Nine will nail the song. Unfortunenatly, he did not nail the song. In fact, for me it was a bit clumsy!!!!!! His low notes were so week and need to improve. No rendiation at all, no feeling and it was another messy performance. But energetic performance though. Overall i give him score 7/10

I thought, his second best performance so far. The gemilang of course the best from him. But his performance this week was one of the best. Very control, he nailed all the high notes, he looks so easy singing the song and very rileks. But his flasseto not so good. Overall i give him score 8.5/10

To be honest i really can say bad things and good things about her performance tonight. All right, let me say the good things first.
1. The rendiations were beautiful
2. Dynamic was great
3. Vocal control was excellent
4. The accapella version was beautiful
5. The soul and feeling were fantastic
Now let me say the bad things
1. It was overdone @ over modified arrangement. Until i did not familiar with the song.
2. She strached her vocal too much...she doesn't looks rileks on stage
3. The melody was too soft and very jazzzyyyyyyyyyyy....made me felt a bit boring.

Overall..i thought, she must be very..very becareful when wants to re-arrange the melody especially for a popular song. Because a popular song..if you wanted to beautify it again, means you are taking a risk. Either EXCELLENT or BULLSHIT!!!! Overall performance i give her 8/10

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE JUDGES SAID IT WAS GREAT. For me it was another repetation types of performance. He made the same thing for four weeks in row now. I had enough from him. He should try something now. It was expected performance from him and he did not WOW me. Sorry......i know it was creative by modifying the song to be a bit rocky...but as i said it was expected and repetation performance. Overall i give him 7.5/10

OK, My weekly ranking
1. Aweera (i just like to see his rilek-ness in delivering the song..and he nailed all the high notes)
2. Esther (i like the rendiation, voice control and the accapella trial but DO NOT OVER MODIFIED especially a popular song)
3.Amylea (it was good from her but i would expect more!!)
5. Nine (It was messy performance but energetic)

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jeremytuah said...

Esther vs Aweera for grand finale........

Esther vs Aweera for grand finale........

Esther vs Aweera for grand finale........

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