Friday, 3 April 2009

OIAM3 - Top 6-

Wow....elimination is comming very very soon....who will be eliminated tonight? and who will be immunied tonight? I was thinking and spending my time for almost a week to wait concert in top 6. I was a bit dissapointed last week when only 2 or 3 of the contastents did a great job. The rest just like OK level and not wow - ing me....I hope tonight they will blow me away....*LOL*. Last night's OIAM3 diaries showed Rizu was winning the vote result followed by aweera. Esther fall from 1st place to 3rd place. Same to Amylea when she also fall from 2nd place to 4th place. Simon and Nine were in the bottom two. But who will be eliminated tonight?

Biasanya peserta yang terakhir nie jarang tersingkir. Usually yang jadi mangsa ialah yang second last or third last. And they are either Simon and Amylea. Esther in the middle...but we will see....what malaysian have done tonight!!!!!

OK, Rizu just left us and it was very sad. Yes..the result actually is a little bit suprised because i was expecting either one of the contastents in bottom three will be voted out tonight. But my prediction was far..far away. Huh???? amazing isn't??? i never thought Rizu will be eliminated based on his peroformance and also the voting result last night. He was in the 1st place but just within 24 hours, everything could changed. Bye Rizu, you are the weakess link.

Now lets talk about the contastents' performances tonight. O ya before that, no more immunity??? what i've read on this blog was true. Let start the review.

First of all, i must say his performance was just about the same. SAME FORMULA????? by singing female song and twist the song to be rock song and the music arrangement is almost the same? I do not mind he did it but i do mind for tonight because he did the same thing for 3rd times already. For me its kind of trying to doing the same thing every week. Vocally, it was good and the performance of course it was really good. Singing Rihana song and modified the music arrangement was really creative but please don't do the same thing again next week. Otherwise Malaysian will get bored with it. Try something new plaese....
I give him 4 stars / 5 stars

She did a realy great job tonight. Vocally it was very strong and clear. Very good voice projection and the the communication with the audiance also very good. Music arrangement was really creative and she delivered the song greatly. Voice control also very good but her flasseto note a bit weak. Overall performance i give 4.5 stars / 5 stars

First of all, i just want to be honest i don't really like the song and for me the song is a bit bored. But the she did a great job in modifying the song and it sounds great (even though the begining part of the song a bit bored). She is so creative and the voice sounds very, very great. Maybe its not over if i said her voice still not available in Malaysia. I really can wait for her album. The performance was great as well, with the rose and was really intresting and fun. I give her 4.5 stars / 5 stars

For me he picked a very nice song and i like the song. So far his best performance!!!! he improved so much when he picked the song. But sometimes i thought the song is quite easy and doesn't show his vocal range. The song is very straight to the point and i did not see any part of the song to push him to strach his vocal. But the performance on the stage is really great. I give him 4 stars / 5 stars

What can i say? It was a photocopy performance!!!! It was great because he can sing the song but it was a DULL performance and doesn't show his creative-ness!!! I give him 3 stars / 5 stars

Forgetable performance from him. It wasn't very good but vocally it was great. Very nice husky voice but the performance on stage was empty and nothing special. Its just like standing on the stage and singing and thats it. SO i give him 3.5 stars / 5 stars

OK, my weekly ranking is
1. Amylea 2. Esther 3. Tomok 4. Nine 5. Simon 6. Aweera


jeremytuah said...

Indeed.. Esther didn't picked the rite song.. she should be extra careful in choosing her song..

jeremytuah said...

wah.. ubah background nampak..nice 1..

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