Friday, 17 April 2009

oiam 3 - Top 4 -

Sorry pics are not so nice...i just captured used my diginal camera

A good bye performance from Amylea

Wow...what a suprised???? i thought amylea will go to the next round!!! But she did not make it tonight. The only girl contastent is Esther. All girls have gone. Another four boys. Who will be eliminated next week? uhhh...i really hope nine will be eliminatde next week. He is getting too ordinary week by week. In fact his concert tonight was very ordinary. Anyway, i thought her fans are not strong enough to vote her to the next round. I really hope she will at least in top 3. After that i do not mind what will happen. Unfortunately, she failed and Amylea has been eliminated tonight. Huhuhuhuhu...all rite guys, lets go to my comments regarding to the contastents' performances.

He shows different characters on stage tonight by singing a soft and rileks song. He made it in trying to show his different sides. However, since he was the first contastent, syafinaz was right when she said a bit bored. Sorry guys!!!!! In fact, he picked up a very simple and ordinary song. There is nothing so special on his performance. Actually he choose this song too late. He should pick this song at the second or third concert. Not at this stage. Overall performance i give him 7/10.

Lets go to tomok. I love his performance, but the thing is he did the same thing for almost 5 weeks in a row and all are about the same. Except there was one part of his performance when he sang the slow song. Why don't he challanged himself to sing a sentimental song? He really rock the stage tonight and he looks great and he knows how to communicate and how to make a crowed. It was energetic and dynamic performance. I noticed he is off some of the bit especially the kerana kau song. Overall i would like to give him 9/10 because i felt like i was in the concert..huhuhuhu

I like the opening though. It was terribly fantastic. It really shows her vocal by singing the one night only. However, i noticed one problem with Esther is when she tried to hit the high notes, seems like her vocal seems like a bit "drown". She has to works on it otherwise people will think she cannot reach high notes or if the band is too loud, it will be problem to listen her voice. Anyway...i love the drama actually, it was quite funny when the picture she held was Paul Moss!!!!! She had fun with Paul Moss anyway....hehehe. I like the drama on the stage and her performance tonight was really amazing. Overall i would like to give her 9/10

About this guy??? sorry but most of his 4 minutes time he spent it just talking with the audiances. I knew it was in concert theme. BUT don't forget to show your voice because at the same time this is a singing competation. I think he failed in vocal side. But he did a great job in making his performance looks like a concert. Huhuhuhu...bagus....bagus...another failure was, he just sang some part of the song and he keep reperting it. Seems like cover link because he forgot the lyrics. Anyway.....the performance really looks and feels like ina concert but in the vocal side he did not make a great job. Overall performance i would like to give him 8/10

So who will be eliminated neex week? I would guess Nine. Maybe Tomok, Esther and Aweera go to the top 3. But really don't know because oiam 3 in unpredictable.

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jeremytuah said...

lets make Esther a champion.. She is indeed One In A Million..

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