Thursday, 2 April 2009

American Idol top 9

First of all, i have to be honest and say that American Idol is not as good as I expected tonight. What a pity huh? In fact, only two or three of the contastents did a great job. The rest is just local level. Secondly, this is my first time blogging and doing my review regarding to American Idol contastents. Thirdly...i am doing experiment ...*LOL* OK guys, let me start.

I missed half of his perofrmance because i got back from my dinner about 9.40 PM. But based on his half peroformance, i thought he has a strong ballad instrument. The vocal is very clear, good communication with the audiance and good vocal projection. Even though, it wasn't his best performance but i just like it. So i give him 7.5/10

It was so romantic from him. With the piano, it was really soft and beautiful. Very touching performance, with his disability i can see the feeling was there. Voice projection is very good and the flasseto also very nice. The song is just suit with him and he did a great job in delivering the song. I give him 8/10

The begining of his performance it was a bit pitchy especially the low notes. Sorry i have to say this but it was true. In fact, i have to agree with Simon because his voice sounds unnutural. He picked the worng song and a bit shakky actually. Its just a little bit bored performance from him. I give him 7/ 10

Megan * eliminated *
I just don't like her rendiation and the vibrato. Sounds like mumbling for me. Sorry to her fan. But that was what i felt. A bit bored and the song doesn't show her vocal range and sounds like an easy song. I give her 7/10

Vocally, it was an excellent performance from him. Yeah!!! i like the vocal, the feeling was there and he sang the song with his own style. It was really different from the original version. Congrates!!! i give him 8/10

Very good music arrangement and vocally it was excellent and she has a unique husky voice. I like the first stanza of the song because it sound very different and shows her real voice. But what a dress???? the drees looks like she is a clown rocker. I give her 8/ 10

I just have to say, I like her vocal. It was really clear and very strong. She hit the high notes easily and the voice projection also excellent. She can hold the high notes easily as well. I love it.
I give her 8/10

Kris *My Favourite *
Very clear vocal and good voice projection as well. Other than that, it was really a creative performace. I am sure a lot of girls voting him because he is cute. Lucky him....he has a great vocal he worth to be voted. I give him 8/ 10

Adam *My Favourite *
He always blew me away in every performance. He born to be creative and knows how to beautify the song. He knows how to tackle the judges and American. He know what he is doing and knows how to pick a sing. He has a great vocal and very creative! It was great performance from him. I give him 8.5/ 10

1 comment:

sweetie~ said...

i've fallen for kris after he sang the ain't no sunshine.....superb!

adam still my fav.....i'm getting tired of danny....he's getting dull each week......

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