Saturday, 25 April 2009

AF7 - Konsert 7 -

Huh...i'm back again. I had a very..very busy day today. I been around Penang just for shopping. In fact, this month if i not mistaken i spent about RM1000 just for my chlotes. Actually it is not necessary but since most of the shopping complex are having what can you say? SHOPING lah!!!! Just imagine if you spent every RM150, they will give you rebate for RM10. So i spent about almost RM1000 just for chlotes, tie, belt, pants, etc. So i got rebate about RM120. Yoooo.....thats money men!!!!!! the way i have to stop shopping until the end of this year. Welll, i missed again the AF concert tonight. I totally missed the concert. I was very very tired and i went to bed and i thought i can get up at 9.30 pm. way...i got up about 3 o'clock!!!! FKUC OFO!!! It shows, AF doesn't have the aura anymore. Anyway....letas talk about the performances.....before that Aril has been eliminated!!!!!pity!!!!

It was really very very good song and very touching song. About her, i can say she delivered the song successfully. Tempo and picth wasn't that good. But her low notes seems like sometimes sounds a bit weak. In fact sometimes not so clear. I like the two versions of the song. Both versions are very, very good though. 6.5/10

I neverheard this song before. For me it was a bit messy performance from him. In fcact, the song doesn't show his vocal. For me this kind of song just more to talking and mumbling instead of singing. But yeah...its all right, i just don't think this kind of song able to show his ability in singing. 6/10

First word she sang was really horrible. It doesn't sounds very good for me. In fact, in my opinion i really don't think it was good enough performance. Lots of things need to be improve. Nothing special on her singing. Just a photocopy performance. Moreover...some parts of the song she sang it flatly!!!!! sorry dude....she should go!!! Tak merdu lah...teruk tul....4/10

It was really a risk taken by her because it was a big song. Eh..her teeth has been repaired???? she looks beautiful already...huhuhu!!! I just love the vocal it was really good from her. Singing this song is not easy i swear i'm true!!! But i don't really think the gimic is necessary.....But it shows the feeling though. Which is very good. 7/10

When i saw the title of the song...i thought it was without you by mariah cery...if so..i would say...mampus lah kau!!!! lucky it wasn't! But what can i say? it was boring performance!!!!!! Argh...i just don't understand why he still in this competation @ academy!!!!! 3/10

Wow...what a song??? but one part of it he sounds a bit tercicir lah...hehehe! The energy was there and the fun-ness also there. The communication with the audiance also very good but vocally it wasn't so great...its just ordinary...5/10

It was pity when i been informaed by my friend he is eliminated. I just cannot believe it. Well, the vocal is so unique and i love the performance. Even though it wasn't powerful but at least it was a hapenning performance from him. It was good to see him having fun on the stage. Well, good performance though...why he eliminated???? 6/10

OK...its 5.30 already...time for me to sleep...huhuhu...


I am Karl said...

ARIL d best!!


Andrik McVean said...

kesian kan? dia dah kluar...huhuhu

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