Thursday, 16 April 2009

Susan Boyle got ugly face with a fantastic vocal

She is gifted with a fantastic voice

I am speechless!!!!! My friend who is currently in the UK went to the show and when i was chatting with him 2 nights ago, he sent me this link and asked me to watch it. He just said "Andrik, look at this...she is so ulgy but still wanted to go for the audition."

So i clicked the link and watch it. Initially, i said to myself ...oh..what an ugly women?? Huhu..i'm so curel. In fact, the judges also seems like did not care and hopeless with her. Most of the audiances also felt like..."don't believe it " or something like "she can't do it".

But this morning, i was watching BBC news and she was on TV. And I said Its Susan Boyle from British got talent!!!!! Just imagine, in just few days, her video on youtube increased to 6 millions. Wow....cannot believe it!!!!! I am browsing it now and its 12.1 millions viewers.

I cannot believe it when she sang the song. It was really wonderful and unbeliveable!!!! Maybe she doesn't has a complete package since she doesn't have a great look. But she really do have a complete great vocal. I cannot believe it when she reached all those high notes on the song easily. It was completly wonderful and perfect.

So guys, i think you all should watch this. Give me feed back about Susan Boyle!!! My opinion...she is great and really deserve to the next round. What do you think? Watch this link!!!

For your information, Susan boyle is from England and i knew her from British Got talent reality show!!!


C.Alv.B said...

That why...dont judge a book from its cover'..God make everyone with special things and not to say weaknesses too. That how we can make it 'complete'

Anonymous said...

[i]great gift for your girlfriend[/i]

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