Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Arghhh...I lost in France and French stupidity

My 1.5 years french course in the U didn't help at all...lupa suda bah

I suppose to post this picture a day after trip to France but i was so busy with my climbing and hiking. Huh..that's another story of my life in the UK. I have climbed three mountains so far and my fourth mountain supposes to be yesterday but we cancelled it because we thought it was too much to have this kind of activity 5 days in a row (kalau telampau naik gunung nanti rusak nanti lutut). So we had a very lazy day yesterday and just messing around in the town.

Last week I went to France and we drove up to France with my friend's car a SAAB. I can tell very high performance car especially to accelerate or overtake other cars. Anyway...I have been warned that French don't speak English even though they know how to speak English. I find it ridiculous because most people around the world are striving to speak English or even to learn but not the French people.

For me, I find French people are very stupid!!! Am sorry this blog is very dangerous if you don't like it you better wipe yourself out from here. Yes they are very stupid....I understand if they don't speak English to English people but I am Asian and they can tell by looking at my black hair and eyes. I was trying to speak English and they were pretending they don't understand. The spoke to me in French and I said I’m sorry I don't speak French.

It was annoying actually because what do they think about their language??? a grand fantastic language??? Fuck Off French!!! I was struggling to buy something and asking about the product in English and they answered in French. I find it very annoying because they knew I am Asian and don't speak French but they never considered themselves to speak English to me.

So at last, i said..U WANT MY MONEY OR IF U WANT TO MAKE A SALE U BETTER SPEAK IN ENGLISH OR I WILL LEAVE THIS ITEM AND WON'T BUY IT (Marah sudah sy masa nie)...and at last they speak English to me. Thanks God!!!! But Hell on earth the French.


SJB said...

Same here, orang french dari Quebec macam tu juga. Apa lah tu kan? Bodoh punya orang.

Fely said...

Well hello there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sia di UK mau masuk 9 tahun sudah ni and yes, like you, I don't like the cold winter. Never have and never will.

Hehehe, your French trip sounds fun. You know, this thing about French not speaking English only applies to men. We women never have problems getting the French speaking English to us. Hahahah...must be something in our smiles.....

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb- yabah bikin panas nie..cam urang budug pula sy masa tuh..berabis mau beli something tapi cam itak sama ayam plak becakap..inda paham nie...skali kan buli juga diorang paham bah tapi inda mau ckp BI

@fely-yakah? siok plak perempuan nie kalau cam tuh..hahahahahaha....buli goda2 guna suara/smile...lol!

InobonG ProPer said...

I've been there too but so far tiada pula saya experienced yg dorang x ckp english. I went to a few shops and buy something, takut2 juga ni dorang x mau ckp english tp ok juga diorg layan juga..

Tp my other friends ckp dorang kena mcm kau jugalah...konon2 itu org french tidak layan and pura2 konon x faham english..i don't know how true tp itulah yg dorang cerita sama sy

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