Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shopping in london - It's Harrods' summer sale

Shoes..a pair of them is do the climbing and the t-shirts

It's me...standing with all those things i've bought

All the perfumes

Hand bags for my sisters

Shoes for my brother in law

Hello everyone. I hope everything is doing very well. I am doing very well and I am so excited to watch one of the biggest events on earth. I am sure if you are following FIFA10 you know today is the match between England Vs Germany. Historically, Germany should be the winner but people say the ball is round (of course) and the “direction” can go anyway left and right, or south and even to north. Since I am currently live in England, I’m hoping England will win against to Germany. Even though I know Germany has a better chance.

Anyway, I was in London yesterday did shopping in Harrods. Blimey!!!!! Real great reduction prices and this is NOT a fake sale. I mean usually what most malls do is increase the price and knock it down. So actually if they say 70% off, actually it’s only 20% off because they price has been increased by 50%. But Harrods don’t do like that. London is having a mega summer sale until in the middle of July. Many department stores such as Primark, John Lewis, Harrods, M&S, etc are having sale and it’s time to do shopping in London.

Yesterday I went to Harrods, John Lewis and Clarks. I bought shoes, hand bags for my sisters, perfumes, t-shirts, and many more. I posted some of my pictures as you can see above. When I got back last night I was fucking exhausted because so many items, these and that have been bought. For those of you who came early to London it was very pity actually because you came a bit early. Actually summer sale usually start in June to July, means it’s about one month period. Everybody knows London is fucking expensive place to do shopping but at this time of the year, it’s exactly the right time to buy things from London.

p/s: cam mana lah bill kredit kard ujung bulan nie ar???? ha..ha..ha...


SJB said...

Punya lah banyak barang kau beli, ingat kan perempuan saja gila shopping, rupa nya lelaki pun gila shopping hahahah.

Pasal credit card tu, tutup mata saja lah kekeke.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-yabah..lelaki pun buli juga bah..hehehehehehe..siok bah menyoping....tapi kredit sy inda mau tinguk jah

InobonG ProPer said...

odoii...harrods buat sale!! next timelah...itupun kalo ada next time Primark not bad bah kan..harga dia mmg affordable lah juga..mcm kedai RM2 di Sabah hehehe

Andrik McVean said...

yabah kan..harrods buat sale sampai 11 july...mau pigi lagi masa last day..primark kira berbaloi lah..very good value..

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