Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's Fathers' day - between me and my dad

Just googled it and this might be something what he likes is fathers' day and I’ve got a message from my sister that my dad is feeling not very well. I was very upset because they didn't tell me or at least message to me. But actually he is all right and he is sleeping while am writing this post. I was going to call him and wish happy fathers' day but my sister said later when he got up. So we just exchanged messages with my sister. Anyway...talking about fathers' day...even though I had one "classed over" with my dad about 4 years ago but he is still my dad and of course I still love him. Well, I should not say this at here but just to let you guys know about what happened between me and my dad. But we are all right now. Well, I spent most of my childhood with my mum and my sister instead of with my dad.

Apart from he was so busy with work that time...he liked to spend his time with his friends but now he is spending most of his time with us. Unfortunately when I was 18 years old I speared my wings and flew to KL for my study. Since that time I hardly see my dad because I went back to Sabah only once a year. Even after I finished my study I decided to come up to Penang and find a job there. Well, I found my job and I spent my life for a year in Penang. Just after that, I decided to pursue my study in the UK. Until now I can tell, I’ve seen my dad just a few times since i was 18 years old. But there you go, at least he still here not like some people who never seen their father before.

Just only if my dad could read this then he knows how much I do care and love him. Happy fathers' day to all dads all over that work but very special to my dad who is currently unwell. God bless you and hope you will get better soon xxxxxx

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