Saturday, 19 June 2010

I am tired and I am hungry

Need this to energise myself

Going to have fish and chips tonight

Have you ever been so tired and you just don't want to do anything but eat and go to sleep? Yeah...if you had this kind of situation of experience then you know exactly what i feel at the moment. Huhuhu...I feel so tired after my 28KM track walking to climb the mountain and yesterday was another 12 KM hiking. The day before yesterday was about 15KM walking climbing the other mountain. I feel so exausted now. What's tommrrow? I don't know but if i not mistaken we going to have about 10 KM hiking. Well, only if the weather is good...otherwise we have to forget it. I mean just stay in this little room which i hate very much. I don't like being an indoor guy. Tonight i really fancy a bath and soak myself for about couple of hours. Just want to get refresh after a long and tiring day.

Three days in a row i have been doing extreme activities and now i feel exausted. I need Isotonic i bought about 3 bottles when we were passing by the shop from the mountain. Huh!!! Bloody hell I need a bar of chocolate as well just to energise my exausted body. So i bought a bar of chocolate as well. There you go....I had it and i feel a bit better but i still need to eat for my dinner. Otherwise i will be dead soon. Hahahahaha.....

OK..ok..i better go now as am so tired and need to go to bed very soon (of course after my dinner)..

P/s: Happy fathers' day and i love you papa xxx

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