Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Miss my family and miss sabah

Nie dua urang harapan keluarga mau sambung study di England....kira pandai lah..ikut cam angkol dia..LOLZ!

Ini inda tau cam mana...hopefully pandai juga..

anak buah yang keja nurse di Serdang hospital suda kawin ada got baby boy..angkol dia bila lagi?

Anak buah sedang sambung study di UiTM buat Banking..

I was very disappointed when Japan lost against to Paraguay yesterday. The only country from Asia that I thought could have the chance to be in at least top 8. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it when they lost with aggregate 5-3 (p). I was hoping Japan will go through at least to quarter semi final and probably will meet up with Germany. Anyway, It was a bit sad day for me yesterday when my sister told me that my Dad is unwell at the moment. So I decided to go back to Malaysia in July and probably in the third week or fourth. I should be back in England again in August and school will start again in September 28.

I’m sitting (fat ass..lolz!) on this sofa and my fingers are busy updating my blog telling peoples that i miss Sabah badly especially the evening panoramic in Kota Kinabalu City and of course in Tanjung aru. For Hell sake!!! I can’t enjoy myself in the evening here because it will get cooler and cold after 7.30 PM. So I was browsing pictures when I was in Sabah last year and I found many interesting pictures of me and my family makes me feel so sad and just want to jump on the next plane to Malaysia.

I published some of the pictures when I was with my family in Malaysia.....enjoy it bebs...


Vicy said...

Hello there!!Was here today for a visit

Andrik McVean said...

vicy..thanks for the visit..

SJB said...

Hebat ni semua pun pintar pintar family kau. Best ni.

Bah, kalau balik kk tu jangan lupa ambil banyak banyak gambar. Saya pun rindu kk(family) ni huhu.

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