Friday, 18 June 2010

Clips during Queen's birthday - Take a look

Talking about Queen's birthday i am still feel very proud to be a part of the crowed last Saturday. It was really wonderful and not everybody can see the Queen in person. I have seen the Queen in person and that's something that i can be proud with considering with the time been here in the UK (5 months). Some people have been living here for years or even 50 years but never seen the Queen in person.

I really can't explain how beautiful the event or the parade was. Take a look on the clips and you know what i'm trying to say. Especially the troops, they look very very smart in their uniforms. Even smarter when they are on the horses. Love it love it love it....

Really worth your 4 hours time to wait and see the parade/event!!!Dont't forget this is at Buckingam palace.....

Another clip is above!! Don't miss to play it. Very nice clip especially if u want to see the queen in person.

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