Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Some pictures from Harrods' summer sale

This is a sculpture of Al Fayed the ex owner of Harrods. Unfortunetly he sold Harrods this year to the royal family of Egypt (if i not mistaken). When i looked at this sculpture i thought it was real. The art was bloody fantastic..

Somewhere in telergaf (if i not mistaken..not sure how to spell the name). We were going back at home after very tiring day. It was really bloody tiring but as I said I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's me made up my mind to buy the t-shirts but still looking the hand bags for my sisters.

Because of my "stupidity" I forgot my camera when I went to Harrods last week. Luckily, my friend took all those pictures using his i-phone otherwise there is no pictures of me in Harrods while doing shopping (Mau juga bah..LOL!). Talking about Harrods' summer sale, I've got a few messages from my friends asking me about the sale and of course they want to do shopping in London within this week as well. I have been invited one of my Arabians girlfriends but I cannot go this week because I am on duty. Well, I have just finished my meeting with the company and this week would be my last week working with them. Then I should be free and I do have the plan to go back to Malaysia in August if not this month. Mmmm...for those who want to go to Harrods' sale, last day is on the 11th of July which is on Sunday. I've been told mega bargains usually happen during last day of the sale.

p/s: I hate the chief programmer in the company...he is not cooperative at all...that's why am leaving.


SJB said...

Kau balik kampung ni august?. wah best ni dapat jumpa family. Kau balik untuk cuti school kah? atau balik for good?.

Andrik McVean said...

sjb- balik magkali bulan july nie maybe in 3 weeks time...kalau inda pun bulan 8 sy balik...rindu sama family bah

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