Sunday, 13 June 2010

Queen's Birthday - Trooping the colour

The Queen and her husband

One of the regiments

They look very smart with the uniforms?


The bands

Wow...yesterday i went to London with friends and saw the Queen's birthday parade or what they call it as trooping the colour. It was very nice and it reminded of Malaysia back to 200 year ago. The horses, the Queen, people, flags, bands, cars, etc..everything was really fabulous! Really good and well arranged. I went to Buckingham palace and went to the barrier and we were standing about 1 hour before the event started. It was quite tiring but we must come early otherwise you can't see the queen. We arrived to Buckingham palace about 9 am (if i not mistaken) and the even officially started about one and half hours later. The first regiment went by and it was so fabulous and followed by the second regiment. Every single moment was really fantastic and the marching was perfect!!!!

About 11.30 am the Queen came but before that prince Harry and prince Williams came passed by first. Both of they were in the Bentley cars and followed by the Royal's relative and family members. All of them were in very posh cars such as Jaguar, BMW, Royal Royce, Bentley and Merc. There were so many people come from different countries and races and even religions. They were very proud and waving their own country flags to the Queen.'s difficult to describe how beautiful and fabulous the event was but you have to see it by yourself and then you'll know how it feels to be a part of the Queen. Some British never seen the Queen in person but I have seen the Queen in person. So that's something that i can be proud with.

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InobonG ProPer said...

kenapa the prince naik bentley pula..i think everybody wanted to see them in person too kann

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