Thursday, 24 June 2010

Three mountains in less than 2 weeks

Highest mountain in England and Wales. Snowdon mountain

Rhinog Fawr mountain..the most difficult path among those 3 mountains

Cader Idris Mountain...very nice view

Huh..what a tiring week for me. I have just got back from London (from Wales to London) yesterday after my tiring week but I really enjoyed it very much. In less than 2 weeks I claimed three mountains in the UK, 12 KM forest hiking and the last one was 18KM east coast hiking. All those activities have been done in Wales. I love Wales very much because this bloody country is beautiful and i like the hills, mountains and the bloody beaches. Hahahahaha...

The first mountain was Cader Idris Mountain (probably 850m high and about 20KM the track/path) and really beautiful. The spectacular scenery made me feel like in heaven. Loved it very much. What can I say? If think you are fit enough, then try this mountain. Second Mountain was Rhinog Fawr Mountain (720m high and about 16KM the track/path) and the most difficult track among the three mountains. Not as high as the other but the difficulty level was fantastic, that's why only I and friends climbed the mountain.

Followed by the next mountain was Snowdon Mountain (1100m high) which is the highest mountain in the England and Wales. In the terms of difficulty level, it was not very difficult because but the path was 28KM and it was really exhausting. So many climbers that time and the peak of the mountain was packed with people from different countries all over the world.

12KM forest hiking

18KM east coast hiking

After the three mountains we decided to go for 12 KM walk in the forest called Hafod forest and 18KM walk along the Aberswyth's east coast. Bloody tiring but hell on earth i did enjoy myself.

p/s: Just had my 5KM jogging this morning. Huh...going to watch football again today.


SJB said...

Gila eh. Patutlah kau kurus hahaha.

Kalau laki saya dengar ni, memang jeles tu hahaha. Coz, dulu pun dia active macam kau. Sekarang ada anak sudah huhu semua pun tergendala hehehe.

Anyway, good job :D.

Andrik McVean said...

yakah? hehehehe..bah ko suruh husband ko ikut sy lah pi mendaki sama hiking..hahahahaha...

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