Monday, 21 June 2010

I broke someone's heart

The broken hearted songs

Hey guys what are you up to?? I am watching football match at the moment between Spain and Honduras. Spain is leading with a goal against Honduras. I got the feeling that Spain might win this match but as people say the ball is round and anything can happen at any time even in the last single minute. Anyway...yesterday i broke someone's heart when i told everything about me being away. I didn't want to tell this person about what i have been doing or what i have done but at last i could not hold it any longer and i decided to tell everything about myself.

I was going to tell the person since last month but i was so worried to hurt the person's heart. At last i decided to tell everything about what i have been doing through messanger. It was not a good idea tell something to someone through messanger but that was the best way that time. Otherwise i have to pretend to myself and i didn't want to pretend and it's better to just be honest.

I did realise what i have done by telling to the person it broke the person's heart. So i went out to town today and i was going to buy something. I don't know why i suddenly went to the CDs Department of the store. I was looking and didn't have the intention to buy any CDs. Lastly i ended up buying two CDs which is sentimental CD for a broken hearted and Mammia Mia the happening CD. Mmmmm...I haven't played them all yet but i knew i will like the Mamma mia but not sure about the second CD. But seems like the songs list compiled all very familiar songs.


Kong said...

haha...adakah patut amacam kesinambungan cerita dalam lagu tu?

SJB said...

Very interesting blog.

So, apa kau buat di UK?. Study?, working?, or ???? Ishhhh banyak soalan lah pulak hehehe.

Anyway, take care.

Andrik McVean said...

@kong-suda sy play the first CD..siok2 lagu dia..jiwang2 karat nie..

@SJB-ah..singgah juga ko study wat sy punya master sini hatfield dakat2 jah ngan london...kita exchange link kio

SJB said...

You know, ada 3 orang my followers tinggal di UK. Dorang Malaysia juga tapi tinggal sana. Bah, boleh.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-tinggal di mana? di hatfield kah? atau somewhere in the uk?

SJB said...

Si Fely 1, ada lagi tu 2 orang kawan dia hehehe.

Tidak pulak saya pasti, tanya si Fely lah :D.

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