Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A dinner set in France

It says thank you for your visit and see you soon

Probably one of the best chicken dishes i ever had

This is real superb!

Mmmm...I went to one of the finest restaurants in a town called Calais (if I not mistaken) last week when I was visiting France. It was superb!!!! Really!!! Especially the seafood and the main courses. I had the seafood and the chicken when i was there. Basically this is my review about the restaurant. They are some good and of course bad about the restaurant. For those who want to visit France and probably want to try this restaurant, here are some of the good and down sides.

Let's start with the down sides first.
1. They don't speak English. Do you want to eat something that you don't know? and they can't explain to you what the course is...or courses are...
2. The menu is in French...I don't understand French and only a few words i know.
3. The dessert was wasn’t great

And the good are..
1. The appetizers were wonderful
2. Prices were reasonably good
3.Main courses were hell so delicious that's my review...

BTW, England won against Slovenia (1-0) and England played very well. I was a bit disappointed because there were many opportunities but England kept missing. I'm not a big fan of football but since I live in England at the moment I like to see England go through at least in quarter semi final. am watching Germany vs Ghana. I hope Ghana will win and go through. Hehehehehe....


SJB said...

Gila bola hehehe.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-hahahahaha....yeah..england menang

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