Monday, 21 June 2010

First Item from Harrods' summer sale

Really it

Yeah...I managed to grab one of the items on sale in Harrods. First day was on the 19th of June and as I said I missed it because I was busy doing my climbing and hiking. I managed to get this perfume from a friend of mine. At least got the price after 60% just imagine if the price is about 50 pounds I paid about 20 pounds for it. I mean cheap enough ya!!! Compared to the initial price.

Well, the next bargain days are this coming Saturday and Sunday. I love it and i can't wait to go there. I will do some shopping of course but not to overspend it. I don't have much money but if i had i would like to buy a Rolex watch, a big house and a BMW or Jaguar. i am dreaming but I’m sure I can do it. Time will tell really.

Back to this perfume (tekeluar tajuk pula kejap), it smells says London JP. Wowo....what a name. It's really nice the smell and so smooth on your skin. Love this very much. This coming Saturday and Sunday i just need to do menswear especially jeans, t-shirts and also shoes. Well, depends on how much money I have and how cheap they are. I've heard those menswears are not very cheap. But we will see.

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