Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Avast antivirus is better!! AVG is suck!!

Hahahaha...i been using AVG antivirus about 2 years now and lastly i feed up with it and change my mind to install now reinstall new antivirus program. Actually last night i was busy with my computer, trying to find where is the suck and hell virus having a party. I was really stressed last night. Because of data.exe virus I can't reach the net and any documents i's printed out are hell!!! So lastly i decided to install Avast antivirus because i try to scan my PC with AVG antivirus but it says no infection detected. So lastly my new hero is currently protecting my PC named Avast antivirus.

This is the suck AVG antivirus result

And here is avast antivirus result

Avast antivirus is scanning my hard disk (partition C) while the PC is starting on

Very effective and efficient..Recommended!!

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jcyboy said... thats mean avast antivirus is better???

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