Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunset in Penang

What a lazy Sunday today? I'm not in a mood to go anywhere...just sit and laying down on my bed. Thinking something impossible and longing something. Just quite Sunday for me today. Tonight I will go to E&O hotel again to have my dinner. Actually still not sure but I would like to go.Mmmm....later i just want to eat banana and mango juice for my lunch. Simple! because i will have my big buffet dinner later.So i took my camera and preview all the pictures taken. So i did realized some of them haven't post yet. So here are some of them. These pictures taken from Lone pine hotel.

Wonderful sunset..view from the Lone Pine hotel

Para shoot..

Very beautiful..

Going down..

and down again..


urang ranau said...

cantik itu matahari...tidak kira time terbenam atau terbit.the sun always on time and will always be here for us,makes me feel like crying again..tskkk..

Andrik McVean said...

aik...urang ranau feeling abis pula ko ari minggu nie tau.....rileks bah ko...mimang lawa tu matahari tuh..sia pun suka tinguk..

jcyboy said...

wow...its a wonderful sunset..

tolundus said...

uiyooo.. cantik oh matahari... syok mo dating hehe

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