Friday, 27 June 2008

Simple but wonderful evening

Well....i still had my dinner in the Lone Pine bungalow at Batu Ferringi tonight. Because I like the food at there. Very healthy actually. And so I'm sleepy i have to go to bed now..i haven't decided yet what to do tomorrow..maybe want to go somewhere in....botanical garden?? not sure yet..

Stir beef...5 stars

mmm...chicken and vegetables...5 stars also..

Just steamed usual..


Etavasi said...

Yum yumm minta andrik.. :D sadap pula ni sia tinguk :D

Andrik McVean said...

mau minta? buli bah kalau ko etavasi...mana2 jah pun buli..yang mana satu ko mau?

jcyboy said...

wow....sedap gitu..

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