Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Wonderful art of foods

Hello guys, not only painting but also food. Yes, food also have the art! very wonderful art. Look at these pictures, they are really wonderful, beautiful and whatever...as long as i like them all actually. Next time i will try to make by my own. Itu pun kalau jadi. Otherwise...maybe i have to learn from somebody. Hehehehe...anywhere friend, but i love these are of food. They are so..so cute and beautiful and i'm sure very creative.

Dare to eat?

Wah...looks wonderful

Who dare to eat her?

So cute the penguin

And this one if i not mistaken is a panda

Wonderful and beautiful rite?


nel said...

huhh..tak selera la nampak...bagus lagi ikan masin..

Andrik McVean said...

nel...makan tutup mata bah..heheh

balidreamhome said...

wah kelihatannya enak nih!!

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