Tuesday, 10 June 2008

My reactions when i see a women naked in front of me

Here are some possible reaction of me if i see a women naked in front of me.

1. Hahahahahahaha....you are crazy!!
2. Can i suck your nipples?
3. May i see your "holly hole"?
4. Are you still virgin?
5. Wow..you are sexy (if she is sexy)
6. Wow...what the hell u are? you are fat (if she is fat)
7. Why don't you shave your "ugly hair" ?
8. Your "tuttt..tuttt" looks burned...
9. I thought you feel shy. Don't you feel shy?
10. FUCK..you are ugly (if she is ugly)
11. WOW....you are yummy (if she is beautiful)
12. And the last but not least...Ish..kurudot sudah!!! like cabbage bunga?


eedany said...

muahahahaha.... cuba lah cakap kalau ko berani andrik.

mengkali terdiam saja...hihihi.

p/s : apa yg paling kurudot ko rasa? muahahaha


Andrik McVean said...

mmm...apa lagi..kalau bukan yang tuttttttttttt...hahaha

Molly said...


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