Thursday, 12 June 2008

English expert needed

Hello guys, i just need your opinion about these sentences. A bit confusing actually. Ok..please have a look at them and just tell me which on is the correct sentence.

1st. She dries her clothes in the sun

2nd. She dries her clothes under the sun

The first one or the second one correct?
What do you think??


Tigerlily of Borneo said...

The correct one is "She dries her clothes IN the sun". Use of under the sun is... as a whole, meaning on earth... on the surface of this planet. Betul ka ko ndak tau ni!?

urang ranau said...

hihihi kalau menjawab dpt hadiah ka ni ah???kwang3

Andrik McVean said...

as far as the dictionary is concerned, it does not define whether " in " or
"under " is correct.
My own interpretation is the fact the sun is another planet, then we must be "under " the sun, however the fact we are "in " the rays of the sun, i have come to the conclusion that both are correct and acceptable and do not accept it as incorrect English.

urang ranau...dapat hadiah??? ya..melancung 1 minggu di afganistan..ko mau kah? heheh

Princess Trishey said...

Hi there! The second sentence is gramatically correct.

2nd. She dries her clothes under the sun


EliyaShaka said...

2nd is the correct betul ka?tanya balik pulaa

smallville said...

i say the 2nd answer is the correct one.

Bambangan @ Ony said...


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