Thursday, 1 July 2010

It was in Thailand

Gosh...look at that..

I wonder how much the price

I don't know what to blog today and I really feel I want to go out but it seems like the weather wasn't very good or was not warm enough for me. But now look like it's getting warmer, so I will go out as soon as I finish updating my blog. I am at the same place and same sofa at where I was yesterday. Updating my blog and telling people what I’m doing, will do and have done. Silly isn’t? Some people prefer to be secretive about their life and some not. This blog is one of the places or spaces for me to express my emotions, life styles and anything.

Anyway, I was browsing my laptop this morning and i found those two pictures. That’s what I call “We live to eat” instead of “We eat to live”. They are pigs but if i not mistaken they are baby pigs. It looks yummy and I am sure they were yummy..ha..ha..ha..ha..I don’t eat them but no offence with those people who eat them. No problem at all for me..that’s their life style and I don’t complain. Look at the skin and how they do the roasting or probably grilling.

Talking about Thailand, especially Hadyai they were a bit scruffy and they didn’t maintain the buildings at all. I know it’s unfair to judge Thailand from one perspective but I am judging the place where I’ve been. Mmm...they not really cheap either but it was OK place to visit. I’m sure some places in Thailand are better compared to the Hadyai.

OK..stop Thailand. I am eating a lot of bananas recently and I don’t know why at the same time I am addicted with Ronan Keating’s songs. I played and played them every day. Never feel sick of them.

P/s: I know..I know ...I know I have to go away (taken from his song)


Anonymous said...

Are u muslim? Is that why u don't eat pork?

Andrik McVean said... not a muslim..just didn't like the taste...:)

SJB said...

Soalan tu bah heheh. Ya bah nampak sedap pulak.

Andrik McVean said...

sjb-hahahaha..yabah...lucu plak tinguk soalan tu

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