Thursday, 9 August 2012

Another Personal Best 10KM

Fantastic Seafood dinner
YES!!! I am so happy today because I made another personal best of 10KM in 48 minutes 42 seconds. After yesterday's run 49minutes 46seconds finished with little fatigue I knew I could have done better. So After the office I quickly went the gym and started my starching on the track for about 15 minutes. The weather was really nice and warm. I really liked it as it wasn't feel cool but just great for me to have my 10KM run. My work in the office went smoothly and one of the Postgraduate Researcher Dr.Harry taught me a few things in the coding implementation on MatLab. He was very helpful actually and thanks to him.

Anyway, I don't really want to talk about PhD research in this post but more about my new personal best. I started my first KM with the pace of 4:57/KM. When I completed the first KM I thought I was slower than my previous run. Then I increased my pace in the second KM and finished it with 4:46/KM and it was a few seconds faster than my previous personal best. The third KM I just managed to do it under 5 minutes which was 4:59/KM. Still a few seconds faster!!! The  fourth KM I was just a second faster than the previous KM. I was trying to increase my pace in the 5th KM but 5 seconds slower than my target to run under 5:00/KM. It was 5:05/KM (Slower than the previous personal best). I looked at my watch and oh hell I was really upset and said to myself I must run much faster in the 6th KM. I thought I was running faster at the 6th KM but then when I finished it my watch showed 5:00/KM. I was really upset again and at this point I didn't think I could make a new personal best. When I was running faster at the 7th KM my mind was doing a simple calculation what would be my finishing time. A few seconds later it seemed like I could have the chance to make a new personal best only if I ran under 5:00/KM for the last 4KM.

Okay I then increased my pace and and I can feel my heart race was increasing. I finished the 7th KM 4:52/KM. I thought it was still a bit slower and then I increased my pace again at the 8th KM. At this point I wasn't sure whether I should have done it or not as I have 3KM to go. When I finished the 8th KM I looked at my watch and it showed 4:48/KM. I said to myself it was better but then I wasn't sure whether I have the energy for the last KM or not. I thought that time I have to give all I have now. I then increased my pace again and finished it with 4:43/KM. Last KM, I ran as much as I can and I can feel that time my legs were really like jelly but pushed myself very hard. In fact my breath was getting very heavy that time. I finished the last KM with a really great pace of 4:28/KM. I never thought I could do that in that after running 9KM. When I looked at my watch I just smiled and really happy with 48 minutes 42 seconds. I just got the feeling I could have done 47 minutes 50 seconds if I ran a bit faster at the first 3KM and slow a bit from the 4th KM then maintain my pace until the 7th KM then increase my pace again at the last 3KM. Strategy is very important when running but of course your stamina comes first.

Okay folks I'm going to bed now and not going to the office tmrw. Another mountain on Friday!!!!! Will upload pictures on the mountain!

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