Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Oh No my PhD is Demanding too Much

Maybe it's time for me to say my PhD is too demanding (I'm sure it's a usual case). I will eat a lot when I'm in this very tense situation and I don't like it at all. The picture above was taken in Manchester during summer school when we were in the pub watching football match. So all I had was a huge dinner (I was hungry) double burger with chips, two bottles of Budwiser Beer and also a large glass of Carlsberg. Loved them though. Anyway, back to the office work. I have planned my algorithm and all I did today was converting it into a source code. I implemented one by one, piece by piece. At the beginning it works okay but as I doing the harder part of the algorithm and tried to run it everything went shit!! Honestly, It just didn't work and the segmented result was rubbish. I was very calm at the beginning but then at last after tired doing more and more useless modifications I fed up and  wanted to cry in the office. was very disappointing. Although, I did achieved what I wanted to do today  but I was trying to do a little bit more but it was all ended up rubbish.

So after office I went to the gym and I had 3.7KM with 15% gradient and 160 floors climbed. So after the training. I went to the gym with a friend, Raquel but she did just something light. I had something simple for dinner but it was okay because it was quite tasty. Not too bad actually. Anyway...I am mentally quite tired today although physically fresh. I need the bed now and get some rest. I will update tomorrow again..


kutoOobambOo / ericoanaci said...

hello sir pls remove yr link in my blog now!!!!

Outbound di malang said...

Nice blog :)
salam kenal sobat :)
di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya ya !terimakasih ...

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