Saturday, 4 August 2012

Half Duck with Chips My Unusual Dinner

This is a half duck with chips very unusual dinner
After a lazy morning today I actually managed to do a few things such as general house cleaning, car cleaning, I got my ice cream which was very nice but I didn't go to the office and I didn't read the journals I printed last night. I spent most of my time doing some general house cleaning while watching Olympic games. I was a bit running up and from one room git back to the living room where the TV is because I didn't want to miss any interesting moments. The best moment is watching Men's 10,000M final where my favourite athlete which is Mohamed Farah of Team GB won a gold with  fantastic sprint in the last lap (400M). Watching him running with a slow start but eventually improved his position from the first lap, second, third until the last lap when he speeded up and become first leading to the finishing line. That was just phenomenal after a great disappointment of him when he lost a gold medal just a few meters Olympic in China. This year he came back with much better stamina and strategy. Although he started slow with among the last runners in the group but he chased each of the runners as he finishing the 10KM. Wow!!!! Just amazing watching his speed especially in the last lap. On the other hand, I would like to say congratulations to the American runner who didn't look energetic throughout the race but then he did really well in the last 200M and his effort paid it off.

Anway, changing the topic for the first time I had something very very unusual for my dinner tonight because it was half duck and chips. Most people have chips together with chicken or fish but I had mine with duck together with lemon and tomato ketchup of course ha ha ha ha ha...But I really enjoyed it though although I know it I did consumed thousands of calories today. I had hearing in the morning, garlic bread and mussels for my lunch and of course half duck and chips for my dinner. What the hell???? I need to run 10KM every day now from Monday to Friday next week. I can't ruin my training as well as my weight. So tomorrow I don't really have a specific plan maybe just doing some more general house cleaning or maybe ironing my shirts. But I would fancy to have a walk in a mountain if the weather is good especially the visibility. In fact, I would not mind to have a run at Cadair idris mountain. My best time was 1 hour 15 minutes and my target is to improve it to under 1 hour 10 minutes. Huhh....anyway I will see how's the weather tomorrow....

Okay guys..I need to watch the Olympics again..see you again in my next update..

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Angie said...

Your dinner looks interesting..
Am not a great fan of ducks though, but I think the presentation is great. Cheers.

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