Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Frustrated With the Weather

How I miss to have a holiday here again
Well, it's almost 3 months since I came to Wales in June 2012 and been living to the UK almost 3 years now but on and off otherwise I would die. The main problem here in the UK is the weather. People are talking about the weather and again, again and again. When the sun came out many people will go out and enjoying the sun but when the thick dark cloud came everybody will be miserable. Well, not quite true because some people like it cool as they say it feels fresher and nice. But not for me because the cool weather here is actually doesn't feel very nice because the wind is always blowing and this makes the cool weather feels cold.
I really enjoy the hot weather
Well, maybe for someone who likes to trap himself/herself indoor and doesn't keen to enjoy the outdoor activities like camping, picnic, hiking, this kind of weather is good for them but someone like me who likes to explore places this is far too cold for me. Anyway, I'm complaining the weather at the moment and feel a little bit frustrated with it. Although I have been here for three years already but I still feel I need warm weather rather than thick kind of climate.
Nice weather that's what I'm looking for
 For 3 months summer we only had a few days hot weather. I mean that's not enough at all. When the summer comes it should be at least 80% should be hot (or at least warm) days and it's okay for the other 20%. But it's true what my friend said last time. He said something about the weather in Wales is always wet and dull. I thought I already used to it but then this year's summer gives me the real challenge of being a British. At the moment there are only two factors make me staying here in the UK. The first one is the money and followed by their best education. If not because of those factors I would never wanted to live in this country.
I can even sleep under this very nice weather
The old say "the grass is always greener on the other side of the land" (something like this i think!). A perfect place is heaven and as long as we are living in the world, there are always complains. I know sometimes Malaysia gets very hot but then that doesn't not stay long. In a few days it will change not like the weather here in the UK. The miserable days will last up to a week and sometimes months. Anyway..I shouldn't be complaining too much because I am here and I must be grateful for what I have because my life is much better compared to millions of people who never had the chance like I have now.

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