Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My 10KM New Personal Best

After a really busy day planning three different algorithms without knowing the prospect of their outcomes I had my 10KM run again at the end of my day. It was about 5.30PM I quickly shut my laptop down and then went to the gym. Well, I went to the gym just to get changed. I should have done my sit ups but after the 10KM it was almost 7PM and by the time I get changed again and walk back to my car I will be a bit late going back home. So I quickly went back into the changing room and picked my beg and drove back. As soon as I arrived I had my shower.

Anyway, more accurately 10.03KM in 49 minutes 46 seconds. Previously my personal best for 10KM was 52 minutes and that was back in Malaysia. I then changed my training I did train a lot on the steps as well as running on a treadmill with 15% gradient (maximum on that machine). I didn't know those training actually improved a lot my pace. Although on Monday my left calf felt a bit in pain after 3KM running and had to stay until the 10th KM but this evening was really good. Everything went so smooth and didn't feel any pain at all. It was all the kilometres I felt so consistent and controlled my breath. In fact at the kilometer 8th, 9th and 10th I still can speed up my pace from 5:05/KM to 5.01/KM, 4:56/KM and 4:35KM respectively.

By looking at my Garmin Analysis here is the report of my run. There are five Kilometres when my pace was under 5 minutes per KM. There were 5:07 (6th KM), 5:05 (3rd KM), 5:05 (7th KM), 5:02 (5th KM) and 5:01 (8th KM). My next target is to run 10KM under 49 Minutes. Which means I have to cut off about 40 seconds. To do that I have to run under 5 minutes every kilometre! I probably need to do 2 weeks training running on 15% gradient and also training on steps. So we will see whether I can do this or not.

Going to bed now folks...need to concentrate on my algorithm development tomorrow.

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