Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Relaxing Weekend but Busy Week

Before I ironed my clothes
After Ironed. Gosh they were a lot actually and not sure if I enjoyed it
Huh...after a relaxing weekend this week is so bloody busy. Well it wasn't really a relaxing weekend but I spent most of my time watching Olympics. I actually did quite a few things such as general house cleaning, cleaning my car, ironing my clothes, etc. Anyway, I don't hate ironing but I don't like either. So basically ironing two or three clothes are okay but not 15 or 20 clothes. For the first time since I came back to the UK in 2012, I ironed all my clothes which was quite tiring as it took about 2 hours to do it all (or maybe more because I was like stopped and continued again). Huh..but I'm glad I did it all because this coming weekend I don't have to iron many of them. Maybe just about three or four of them. So that was okay.

This week going to be quite busy for me. Firstly I had 10KM run on the track at the University Sport Centre yesterday. The weather was really nice so I decided to run outside of the gym. In fact, only a few people were running on the track so it was nice running on it when it's not crowded. I completed the run in 53 minutes 30 seconds. It wasn't very fast and I could have done better anyway but I decided not to chase my personal best because I wanted to enjoy the run while I was running. After that race I went to the gym and I had my 110 sit ups. Was pretty easy actually and my body already get used to it. I was thinking to add more up to 150 sit ups but then I didn't want to take the risk of having sick abdomen as I've experienced it before and it was so painful. So I better just stick with it at the moment.

Anyway, today was a little bit different. I had my meeting with my supervisor just before 11AM and then it was probably the longest meeting ever with him. I think we were talking about my algorithms for about 40 or 50 minutes. He usually stayed just about 30 minutes but an extra 10 to 20 minutes today. I proposed three different algorithms and two of them were a little bit dodge ha ha ha..I mean some of the parts are quite complicated and take time to develop without knowing the prospect or the results/outcome. So I don't really want to take the risk spending months to develop a single algorithm with very uncertain outcome. At last after discussing a few things and a few modifications he thought the second algorithm has a better prospect not only in the term of accuracy but also in the term efficiency. So I picked up the second algorithm. Now I know exactly which one to choose but there are still a few problems. One of them is I don't know how to combine features extracted from three different methods and then using those features for the segmentation process. Well this is the main problem. I asked him and his answer was "This is the main challenge in your first objective". I asked Raquel the Spanish girl and she has no idea. Well.. Tomorrow I'm going to ask more people I guess.

But before I want to think about it I better do the feature extraction process using GLCM first and then the second one of to get edge information using Lindeberg method. I never heard this method before but by looking at the results this looks promising. So a huge thanks to Reyer my supervisor for suggesting me this method. He also suggested me to do a noise removal all the pictures produced  using three different methods which are Local Binary Pattern, Co-Co-occurrence Matrix and Lindeberg. The images produced via those methods have to go through a noise removal process to make sure that any unwanted noises would affect the accuracy of the segmentation process. Well, but the problem here is how do you define a noise? What noise means? And how do you know what are we removing are noises and not an important feature of the image? Because some of the images may contain important features or regions which are separated form the main regions. You see what I mean??? It's like a never ending story. It goes on and on like a bloody river. At one point you think it's gonna end but then there are lots more to be done.

Okay guys, I'm off now and I had only 5.3KM run in the gym today. The weather was terrible and yuckss. I ended up 5.3KM in the gym running with my laziness. I wasn't in a mood doing anything energetic today. But I pushed myself for a short run 5.3KM in about 30 minutes. It was pretty slow actually because I can finish 5KM in 23 minutes and that's my personal best. I wish I can do under 20 minutes in 5KM. Wow!! I'm working on it anyway. Huh..I don't really want to finish my PhD when a big belly like most of the students in the department ha ha ha...I mean I want to stay slim and keep myself active and in shape. Mental health is very important but then physical health should come together. In fact, it has been proven that doing physical exercise releases tenses. No..no...no...don't ask me how does it work. But it does work. If it's not then I would not bother to pop in the gym and have my  physical exercise.

Okay..okay..I'm going and will be back later...zzzzzzzzz
P/s: Oh team GB is doing very very well this Olympic actually..so Well Done!

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