Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weekend Photography

Bob is catching fish but how can I rotate this photo?
Bob is catching some prawns and fish. He said he did catch some and when I looked into his yellow bucket they were all baby prawns except there was one prawn which looked reasonable huge (not really but better than the other prawns). I really thought he would bring them back and cook some but then he released them back to the sea. Lucky prawns and fish. If it was chance..definitely supper!!!
Anne is enjoying sitting on the rock covered by moss
Anne looked happy and amazed with the beauty and amazing different shapes and colours of the rocks. I personally think it was okay and nothing special. I mean I have been to many places which are much better than this one but than it wasn't too bad because this place is just for a quick walk.
Very rocky covered by moss
After a little bit dissapointing week knowing KNN method does not work to achieve my first objective I went out to a a little village at where I live with two friends Bob and Anne. I went there for a photography purpose whereas Bob wanted to catch some fish and prawns and Anne wanted to have a walk. When Bob said he wanted to do some fishing I had a little laugh in my heart. By looking at the rough sea, it doesn't look like it's a good place to catch some fish or even prawns. I never been to this part of where I live although I
ran many times along on the cliff. So when I was there here are some photos I've taken. The weather turned to a glorious sunny day after a very dull raining miserable morning. Thanks God! You were so kind to me :-)

Anyway, my weekend was pretty relaxing because I did nothing much but just eating. In fact, I actually missed the some usual work which are cleaning the house, cleaning the car, some ironing, etc. I wish I have done them today because I think I'm pretty busy this coming week. I need to catch up so many things and need to make sure that I am back on track to achieve my first objective. Well I am on track but I mean I am a little bit behind from my plan. So I have to work harder now. On Tuesday my friends will be having a reunion in London but I don't think I can do it. So I would miss it and sadly I will be working in the office. Huh! very tempting to go to London but I can't do anything about it.

I still hope to meet my bruv in Dunstable this month before I get really busy when the term begins in September. Since I got the full grant/scholarship from the university I have to do some teaching to undergraduate students which I really looking forward. Till now, I will post about my new recipes in my next post. Take care all...and see you in my next post.

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