Monday, 20 August 2012

Friday's Dinner With Delicate Taste

Pineapple chunks and Chinese mushrooms cooked with vegetable stock
 There was a friend visiting last Friday and I was more than happy to welcome her with my delicious and very delicate Malaysian Cuisines. So I went to the office in the morning while she was having her walk at Haford Forest (the best forest I have ever been so far). She had about 4 hours hiking and it was a pretty long walk. But I believed with the amazing scenery of the forest she enjoyed it and every drop of her sweat worth for it ha ha ha..
Duck and Chinese mushrooms cooked with honey and black pepper
 When I was in the office with my throbbing head squeezing my brain I actually had a few minutes looked on the Internet to get some ideas what to cook. Huh! I can't find any and what I did was imagining something or some sort of very soft flavour and something sweet and sour to go with it. At last, a yogurt popped out of my heavy tired brain and of course mango has the flavor of sourness and sweetness. Exactly what I wanted. For the duck I have already planned to cook it with honey and black pepper.
Prawns and mango tikka curry and yogurt 
So as soon as I finished at the office I didn't even go to the gym because I knew I was late already. I needed to do some shopping at Morrisons and also needed to go to the filling station. When I come to Morrisions there were so many people shopping which surprised me. Why on Friday? But I would guess they were buying food for their weekend camping or picnics. I was there at least about 30 - 40 minutes and quickly drive to the filling station. Huh!! I was late, as soon as I arrived I had a quick chat with her and went to the kitchen cooking the food. I took at least about 1 hour 30 minutes to do everything. Since they were new recipes and I never cooked them before, I had to be careful in many aspects especially the flavor and the thickness of the sauces. In fact, I had to cook twice for the honey and black pepper because it wasn't enough to moist the duck. The prawns tikka curry and yogurt dish was great but the sauce was a little bit watery and I should have make it thicker. But in many aspects they were very nice indeed and she enjoyed the food. Overall rating I would give 8.5/10 ha ha ha ha if those two factors were perfect it would be 9/10. After this attempt cooking curry and mango I am now looking for a something different with very exotic flavour. Maybe cooking with papaya or maybe apples. Those fruits are rich with vitamins and should be good for health.

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