Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jungle Boy and His Posh Breakfast

Today's and yesterday's breakfast
I got up very late again today (but it's weekend) and yesterday but had great breakfasts both are hearing fish with lemon and a tomato as well as white bread.  What a posh breakfast to start my weekend eh! Yesterday I had very little progress on my PhD. I managed to segment a few tissues although it didn't segment the tumour successfully. But at least I can see very little progress and I've read more articles/journals about my research which gave me more idea about how to achieve my first objective which is to develop a generic texture based segmentation methodology. I'm not sure if this methodology is robust enough or not because based on the previous studies made by several researchers they have successfully showed that segmenting an image based on its textures are not enough to do accurate segmentation because they believe that it needs different features which is colour information. Anyway I don't really want to talk about it when updating my blog. It's weekend and I should be enjoying it.
Healthy and unhealthy segmentation

There are a few things I fancy to do this weekend. First, I fancy to spend my time in the office but at the same time I like to watch Olympics. Secondly I should be cleaning my car but it's raining since I got up this morning. Thirdly I should be doing some general house cleaning and also I fancy for a couple of hours gym session. I fancy an ice cream after the gym's everywhere actually but I'm not sure which one I should start first. In fact, I have two journals which I printed out last night and I should be reading it by now while watching TV. I had only 5.3 KM run in the gym yesterday and I'm still planning to run 10KM on the track but haven't got the right time to do it. It's either raining or lots of people running on the track. So I always ended up running on the treadmill.

Okay guys, I don't know what to update at at the moment. My Spanish friend Raquel texted me this morning whether I will be going to the gym or not but I was watching heptathlon and quite disappointing when the contestant of team GB lost her medal in the last 200 meters when the three runners from Australia, Switzerland and Sweden speed up and left her behind. In fact in the last 200 meter there was another runner overtook her and she ended in the fifth place. I can't really believe it actually because she did really well in swimming and cycling and also was  leading in the first 7KM in 10KM running but she gradually lost her position until the last 200M. She looked a little bit disappointed but then in a game this always happens.

Okay I must do some work now. I need to clean my car. Yesterday there were a few sea eagles perched on my car and dropped some shits on it which I really hate. After the car I should be doing some general house cleaning....okay guys..the sun has just came and I better clean my car before it disappeared. Happy weekend guys!!!

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Angie said...

Hi, sounds like a very busy weekend for you. Enjoy it..:).

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