Monday, 20 August 2012

A Stressful Day For Me

I'm talking about my PhD research again. It has been very stressful for me last week and this week. I have read so many journals investigating several method with a great hope that this any of them would help me to achieve one of my objective. I find it so stressful. Basically I have done 25% of my first objective and I am stuck at the moment. I have successfully extracted more than 10 features from an image using three different methods which are Lindeberg Edge detector, GLCM and Local Binary Pattern. So each pixel has about 10 feature vectors. Now I want to combine them (fusing them) but I don't know how to do this. I have spoken with several postdoc researchers in the group and they suggested me a few methods but after many hours investigating those methods it ended up with null result. Very disappointing day for me actually. I really hope sometimes this week I could get some idea on how I can fuse those features for classification without using a database as a ground truth comparison (it sounds very strange) .

Anyway, as soon as I finished in the office. I went to the gym and had change. A few minutes later I went out of the gym and had a 10KM run on the circuit in 49 minutes. Also a little bit disappointing because I really thought I would time myself a little bit faster. In fact, after the 7th KM I really thought I was doing quite well and had the change to make a new personal best record for 10KM. As soon as my watch beep which means I completed the 10th KM I quickly press the stop button of my watch and looked at it. My watch shows 49:00 with 10.01KM distance. Arghhhh!!!!! What the heck!!! I was about 18 seconds slower than my personal best. Very disappointed because after a weekend rest and great food I thought I could run faster. Mmmmm.... never mind!!!!

Tomorrow I must go to the office a little bit early not like today I came about 10.50AM and finished at 5.30PM and had my run just before 7PM. I am now a little bit tired and I need some rest before more difficult work need to be done tomorrow.

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Len Inouie said...

Oh my.. 10km in 49 minute is already GOOD. I know a good runner. Really good one.He ran 10km for 40minutes. You're close enough. :)

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