Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just A Love Letter

Well, it has been sometimes since I made something through my emotions. Today is really bad. Probably one of my worst days ever! It started since yesterday when everything didn't go what I wanted. And my thought got so chaos with everything. Memories came to my head disturbed my concentration and went into my emotions made me feel a little bit upset and emotionally unstable. But I managed to controlled myself until today's afternoon when once again my plan didn't work and emotions were playing up and I just couldn't concentrate what I was doing in the office.

I went out of the office very early today about 3PM or a bit early which I never done it before but then I can't take it anymore. I needed a rest and when I got back at home (I had my hair cut on the way back home) I had my bath and shower (yes both). Listening to several sad songs (i don't know why they were sad songs but it felt nice soaking my body in the tab). Anyway...I had my dinner and after dinner I wrote something from my heart and how I feel about love.

Take my hand,
Hold it tight and touch my face,
Down my chest,
Can you feel my heart?
It's beating faster than you ever know.
Can you see that you are always there?
Always at the centre of my heart.

Do you know what does it means?
It's not just a love
It's a love with tears, blood and flesh,
Love with tears means emotions,
Love with blood means sacrifice,
Love with flesh means togetherness,
Because love with tears, blood and flesh means unbreakable,
When love is unbreakable it stays forever,
When love stays forever it means it never dies,

That's why love never lies
That's why you can't deny love
Because once you denied it
It hurts you.
To mend a broken heart is tough and painful,
So when it comes to love,
Don't forget
Love needs tears, sacrifice and togetherness
But it has either happiness or painfulness

Originally written by: Jungle Boy
8.15PM in  a conservatory of Aberaron Village
Wales, UK

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