Thursday, 2 August 2012

Chef Eats Rubbish Food

Chef eats rubbish food

I woke up very very late today. It was almost 10AM and I realised I was late, with heavy rain at that time. I quickly grabbed my towel and with my naked body I went straight the bathroom. With my half asleep head I grabbed my tooth brush and put tooth paste on it and cleaned my teeth. Fuh!! Felt fresher and had my shower after that. While I was enjoying my shower suddenly there was a funny sound outside the house. I quickly opened the window and so bloody heavy raining. I thought to myself I just work from home but then after a few minutes I changed my mind. So I had my brunch and  it was eggs, some salads and tuna which were quite unusual for me. I usually some rice (yes rice in the morning) or sausages. Anyway, an hour later the rain stopped and I quickly started my car and drove it going to the school.

When I came to the office there were a few people working on their projects. I arrived about 12PM and I thought I was the latest but then there was a PhD student who came just after me. Ha ha ha! I finished at the office at 6.30PM after a very disappointing day for me. I did several things today but everything didn't work at all. I asked friends in the office but non of them can give me some useful tips or opinions. In fact they thought I am doing quite fast and was impressed with my PhD progress. But for me it's quite slow. I mean I should be able to get some solutions or figure out something how to do the algorithm. On the other hand, my friends thought my first objective could be done as a PhD topic. Someone who is a postdoc researcher thought my first objective sounds a little but impossible because he said "every picture has its own history so it's not easy to do an algorithm which is able to segment different types of images". Gosh!! I thought "Am I doing something impossible?" Huh!!! It makes me think now that am I doing something out of my capability??? God knows but I hope He will light my dark PhD journey.

A friend Yogi, who I met in Manchester University emailed me an undergraduate lecture note about Morphological operations which was quite useful but my main problem is I don't know how to convert it to Matlab Code. This is my second week using MatLab and still try to understand with some other things. Mmmm...I'm sure I can handle MatLab once I understood how to an image actually processed in or using MatLab. I got the feeling my main problem is still lack of understanding in image processing since my BSc and MSc are in Software Engineering. I did a lot of coding in the past so I should be able to quickly understand MatLab which I did but just something is not quite right at the moment. I kind of not very sure what it is but I'm digging it. After I finished at the office about 6.30PM I went to the gym as usual and there were quite a lot of people today. I had even simpler today with 5KM run 0% gradient and only 50 sit ups (I usually did more than 100). Anyway as soon as I did those training (no steps training) I went out from the gym and had my shower.

On my way back I stopped at Morrision filling station and filled up for 40 pounds (so bloody expensive compared to the fuel price in Malaysia). Just imagine the difference RM200 (40 pounds) compared to RM40 (8 pounds) to fill in a car like Nissan Micra 2010. But I can't complain it as I am in this expensive country you either take it or leave it. But I'm taking it and that's why I'm doing my PhD here and did my master in this country as well. As soon as I finished in the filling station I drove back going home and had my dinner. Something rubbish because I wasn't in a mood to cook for a dinner so I did something very simple and they looks rubbish actually. They were some rice, eggs and also noodles. They were typical kind of dinner especially Malaysian students. Yeah they were rubbish but I didn't mind at all because I am tired. I am updating my blog with my eyes are dropping and watching the Olympics on BBC. Huh....Okay guys I am going to bed now and feeling quite sleepy. I should be getting up early tomorrow so I can go to the office a bit early and do more stuffs especially the bloody algorithm. Huh...sleepy and night night ....

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