Sunday, 19 August 2012

Climbing Tryfan North Wales, UK

Standing on top of one of the ridges
Being a PhD student, a fell runner who always want to keep myself fit, a part time lecturer (will start in OCT 2012), houseboy (LOL!) and a traveller is not easy. I have so many interests in life that I want to do but I don't have enough time. So when I feel like I'm happy with my research I will have a jump and have a quick travel. It doesn't matter where it is, I will do it!
On top of Tryfan mountain with lots of flies

Dangerous climb

Testing my freehand rock climber skills

Beautiful view of the mountain

Walking on the ridge
Well, sometimes after climbing this mountain it makes me think that life is like walking on a sharp ridge and we can easily fall to the right side of the ridge or the other side. But one if you sit on the ridge it will definitely makes you safe.
Lots of rocks

Relaxing on the ridge
It was Friday last week when the weather was really good and I was very busy with my research on KNN classifier. Basically I spent lots of time like 5 days just to investigate this method to be applied on my research. So sad after today's discussion, this method doesn't work for my first objective. I feel a little bit stupid now because for how many journals I've read, I should have known whether this method is adaptable for my first objective or not. Anyway, let's don't talk about it. It makes me feel sick and honestly I am so hurt because I felt like I have wasted 5 days of my time.

Okay let's get back to my hiking experience at Tryfan mountain which I did last week. It was a glorious day and I thought it was a nice day for a walk. So we left the house at 8 in the morning (if i not mistaken). It took about 2 hours or a bit more to reach the place. As soon as we arrived, there were many people who have started climbing and there were so many rock climbers doing their own things enjoying the challenge as well as the warm weather. My first impression of the mountain was quite good but then as we walked along its path at the lower part of the mountain it was quite boring actually. For me it was just like walking on a normal mountain and there wasn't any special things or something interesting with the view. In fact, it was just green grass with very limited view. Pretty boring actually because nothing much you can see. But then after an hour walking the view was getting better and we took a different route, not the one where most people were walking that time. When we reached at the upper/higher part of the mountain the sceneries was getting really good with different views. In fact, the different rock formations make the mountain so unique and very different compared to many mountains I've climbed. The last part of climbing was a little bit dangerous and I was a bit worried if the rocks were a bit loose and you could easily fall from the ridge.

After about two and half hours of climbing/hiking we reached the top with a glorious sun and very good visibility and almost no wind blowing. This makes the temperature felt so warm and even when we were having our lunch it was so nice and didn't feel cool at all. I really liked it. On the way down we chose a the longer path which is the path we suppose to take on the way up. This path was much longer but easier compared to the one we took was shorter but very difficult and technical. I realised that there were two more mountains near by Tryfan and would be my next plan to climb them. Would be really nice if we can do all of the three mountains in a day. Gonna be a long walk though but i know i will enjoy every second of it.

On the way back I managed to take a photo of this Ugly House. It's a small house kind of bed and breakfast i think. But one thing though, this house does look ugly. It's a pity i couldn't take a photo of the house. Otherwise you will see how ugly the house is.


Ha..mizah said...

yeap, sometimes, we need a relaxing place. btw, nice place!

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

salam aidilfitri =)

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