Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Slow PhD Progress Like a Tortoise

I had kind of short session in the gym today. I went out of the office about 5.10PM with my throbbing brain as I can feel it. I had a short discussion with my friend Raquel who was very generous explaining to me about the source code to extract different colours in an image. It was about 30 minutes then I realised that I should be heading off to the gym. I quickly went out of the office and started my car going to the gym. There was a space exactly in front of the gym building where I parked my car. I started my training in the gym about 5.30PM and finished just after 6.40PM. I had a quick run on the treadmill for 5KM in 23 minutes but on a 0% gradient. I did a little bit different because I wanted to test my legs and stamina running on a flat ground after been more than two weeks training on 15% gradients  and on steps training. I can feel quite  a lot of improvement in the terms of stamina. Before I trained running on 15% gradients I started feel fatigue after 2.5KM but this evening I felt fatigue after 4KM. That was really good but then there was a problem. I wasn't sure whether it was because I didn't do enough stretching or other reasons but just after 0.5KM my calf felt uncomfortable and as I was going faster I felt quite hurt until I finished my run I was struggling to walk. In fact I had to stop and stood up leaning against the wall for a rest. It was quite unusual actually because I never had it before. At the same time I assume another possible problem is I didn't drink enough plain water this week. As a result my body was dehydrated and didn't have enough fluid to carry oxygen to my body. Well I'm not sure what exactly happened to my legs this evening when I was running but surely something went wrong. I hope my training on steps are not affecting my calf muscles.

Changing the topic, my PhD progress goes very very slowly at the moment (Although all most of my friends though I'm doing quite fast). I think I did reasonably fast putting together things what I want to do but then I am at the moment stuck at one point achieving my first objective. The problem is I don't know how to capture and manipulate the information from a binary image. I  was looking for an example of algorithm to be able to do this sort of things but I couldn't find any. Quite depressing when I come to the office and you nothing you've done. So I didn't do anything on my algorithm but I read more articles/journals just to understand more things about Local Binary Pattern. I think this is one of the problems so far and the main huge problem. I just hope I will be able to find the solution for this. I have about four months to do this thing and I really desperate to do this as soon as possible. Once I've done this I think I should okay already for the other three objectives. I came to the office 10.45PM and started my PC. I quickly trying to solve the algorithm for about 3 hours but it ended nothing changed at all. In fact, the more I tried to do the more it gets fucked!!I was very upset but the gym made me fresher again. I really enjoy my sessions in the gym so far because that is the only way for me to get my head out of my research. At home I usually just watching TV since it's Olympics and I love sports and also updating my blog.

Anyway I hope to go to the office very early tomorrow so I can start early and finish at the office at 4.30PM. This therefore will give me more time in the gym. I did quite small amount of training in the gym actually today. I climbed only 30 floors, ran on a zero gradient for 5KM and 110 sit ups. I should have climbed at least 150 floors but I came quite late so I just stopped it and had my shower then gone home. Anyway guys, I'm going to bed now and hopefully do a little more progress on my algorithm. Okay guys...gotta go now and  good night :-)

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