Thursday, 8 July 2010

4th mountain in the UK


Still long way to go

Still in a good condition

Fresh water

Very nice view..

I was fucking tired

Getting ready..

I managed to do it!! yesss

This is what i call satisfication

Another history for me today when I completed my 4th mountain in the UK. What an achievement and something that I really can be proud with. You can see those pictures above and More pictures on my Facebook. You can see all the pictures from the first mountain to the 4th mountain I've climbed. I really enjoy it and if the weather is good tmrw, we going to climb the 5th mountain in the UK. Wow...I cannot wait..but I feel something wrong with my left leg today. I am going to bed now and I hope it will recover by tmrw morning. I really hope to be able to climb the Black mountain because it looks facinating. The only dissapointment is the weather was not very good and some of the pictures were dark. But nevermind...I hope tmrw the weather gonna be fine so I can take more beautiful pictures. Hehehehehe..OK folks am going to bed now it's 11 PM here in the UK and I am extreemly tired. We have to get up tmrw morning for the 5th mountain. If the weather is not very good we can't do the climbing because it's gonna be very cold and very misty so you could slip and fall down.....huuuu...dangerous.... Am off to bed now..bye......xxxxx

P/s: Ndak sabar mau balik Sabah....tapi stay di KL dulu tempat anak buah for 2 days


SJB said...

Hebat juga kau ah naik gunung yang ke 5. Bah have fun jangan slip :D.

Andrik McVean said...

hahahahha..ya kalau cuaca mengizinkan...kalau indak balik london lah sy nie

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