Thursday, 15 July 2010

Am back in Malaysia

Yeah after my 12 hours 40 minutes flight from London to KL, at last airasia X plane landed at LCCT and I went out of my plane energy-less but at the same time I felt so excited to meet my niece and nephew at the international arrival hall. Once I grabbed my luggage I went out of the stupid hall quickly..ha..ha..ha..My niece saw me going out of the stupid hall and she shouted my name and ran towards me. She hugged me!! Oh...missed them so much.

Anyway..I arrived about 7.14 am and we went to Serdang straight away. Last night we cooked at home and I felt so good....because thanks God, at last I had my TUHAU, BOSOU AND BAMBANGAN. And one more thing...of course the good so nice lah. Loved them so much!!!! I am going to take TUHAU,BAMBANGAN AND BOSOU to the UK in Sept.

OK guys, I need to get ready for my flight at 3 pm today to sabah. Really missing my family there...hehehehehe....yes..malam nie makan bosou, tuhau and bambangan lagi....yahooooooooo!!!

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SJB said...

Nasib saya masih ada stock bambangan hehehe. So, tidak lah rasa kepunan.

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