Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tamu tamparuli @ Tamparuli's Market are the kuih kacang, kuih pisang, kuih sapi and some other kiuh..sorry forgot the name..
The fucking durians..most british don't like durians because the of the smell..they say very sting!!!LOL!!!

Love difficult to get fresh watermelons in England

Fresh fish..they look so yummy..i bought a kilo of fish for the price of RM20

Nah..these are some vege..

I went to Tamparuli market a few days ago..i took many pictures but i am so lazy to upload all of them. Only five pictures ya!!! I am lazy because the internet connection is quite slow. I am updating my blog from my parents' house and i am using broadband..hehehehehe..celcom bebs!!! but sometimes the connection is very dissapointing!!! Anyway...once again i did nothing today..but tmrw i have something exciting that i really looking forword...
p/s: i injured my knee painful


maslight said...

wuish tu durian. guai lou dunno how to eat durian one.

Anonymous said...

Woouuuu....kan syok kalau ini fresh market aka tamu ada everywhere...specially here in ki-hill..bole dapat apa saja kita mau...

ijja1912 said...

Hi there..

Thank you for visiting and follow my blog.

I'm from Tamparuli too. Really miss the 'tuhau + ikan masin', 'Bambangan'..

By reading your blog, i felt like, I'm in my hometown.. -_-" sob..sob..sob..

Lot Of Thanks Bro.

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