Friday, 9 July 2010

Another handbag for my sister

I don't know she would like it or not

If she doesn't like it then the other sister will get two

We canceled Black mountain today because the weather is miserable so we decided to go back to London. We were waiting until 12 PM hoping that the weather will get better but it didn't. In fact it was windy and cloudy and not very good weather to climb mountain. Then we decided to do some a result I bought another handbag for my sister. I have five handbags now and one more to go..hehehehe..probably the last handbag I will buy at Harrods tmrw. Yeah..tmrw and sunday I'm going to Harrods again for the last day of summer sale. Then I have one day to pack up and prepare my long journey to KL on tuesday.

Now heading back to London..OK..OK..I better go now..the car has been started and my car's horn is blowing for me...he..he...he...bye xx


InobonG ProPer said...

I'm sure your sister would love this handbag...especially when it's free and bought from London!! hehehe

Andrik McVean said...

hahahaha..i hope so..

SJB said...

Kalau your sister tidak suka, kasih saya k. Nah, tamaha ni hahaha.

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