Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tamparuli chinese mee soup

Or british called it noodle soup..he..he..he..last wednesday i went to a small town called tamprauli not far from where my parents live. I drove to the town early in the morning about 7 am. It took about 15 minutes to the town as my parents' house is between tuaran and tamparuli. The first thing i did was i went to the market and i played "tikam tikam"..if you are pure sabahan u should know it. Then i went to my favourite noodle soup...(we called it ah hing mee sup he..he..)..and as usual the quality is still the same...100% exactly the same..he..he..and ah hing mee soup probably one of the best noodles soup i ever had...BTW i am comparing the quality 10-15 years ago...i used to eat this every wednesday..hehehehe
p/s: Am stilll enjoying myself in sabah..yeah...yeah...

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