Friday, 16 July 2010

My nephew and the pounds

Leaving him in KL

lovely money..hehehe money..must be funny

Ha..ha..ha..when I arrived in KL about 2 days ago he was waiting me in front of the international arrival hall. Once he saw me..she shouted my name “UNCLE KENG!!!!” and ran towards me giving me a hug. First question he asked me was “how’s their money? Have you take some?” LOLZ!!!!! That was very funny and I replied to him “Yes..will show you in the car.” So we went to his sister’s car and he started to drive. When he was driving I showed him the pounds and he was laughing. He doesn’t look good...and I said why??? He replied the money is ugly..hehehehehehe. But at last he said I know they are expensive. When we arrived at home the first thing he did was taking the pictures of the money and him...ha...ha...ha...

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SJB said...

Hahahaha lucu juga dia ni. Ya bah tu duit macam duit mainan kan?.

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